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Notes and precautions

*Please note that re-entry to this attraction area is not permitted without a specific reason.
*People of elementary school age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please bring your student ID card or other forms of identification with you as we will verify your age.
Please purchase the same type of ticket when visiting with a group.
Please note that some attractions may be unavailable due to maintenance or other reasons, but no refunds will be made.
Ramen Ichiraku" may be closed in case of rain.

Attractions you can play with
NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobi Village
1) Ten no Maki (3-D Maze)
Duration: 40 minutes
(2) Chi no Maki (Mission Rally)
Duration: 30 minutes
3) "Dawn" Festival Part 1: Stamp Riddle Solving
Duration: 30 minutes

Notes on the "Heavenly Scrolls
  Children under 2 years old are not allowed to use the tour even if they are accompanied by an adult.
  Children under 2 years old are not allowed to use the tour even if accompanied by a chaperone.
  Please do not leave your child unattended.
  Please do not run through the maze.
  Pregnant women and persons under the influence of alcohol are not permitted to use the maze.
  Please refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking in the maze.
  Pets are not allowed in the maze.
  Other visitors who are deemed inappropriate by the maze staff are not allowed to use the maze. 

Cautions for visitors to the maze 
  This attraction may contain parts that emit strong light.

Dawn Festival Vol. 1: Solving the Stamp Riddle
Please note that the conditions for obtaining stamps include ordering ramen at Ramen Ichiraku and shopping at Kinoha (for an additional fee).

Common precautions
Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
For safety reasons, people with the following illnesses or symptoms are not allowed to participate.
 Those with neck, back, spine, leg or back problems, heart problems, abnormal blood pressure, or other physical conditions.
 Those who are under the influence of alcohol or pregnant at the time of participation.
 Those who are afraid of heights or have symptoms of vertigo.

Please note that cancellations and refunds are not possible due to customer circumstances.
For safety reasons, please follow the instructions of the staff and be sure to observe the rules. We will not be responsible for any injuries that may occur due to failure to follow the instructions or rules of the staff.
Pets are allowed to enter the area as long as they are in a cage or pet bag and their faces are kept out of sight. (*Pets are not allowed to enter the multi-level maze.)
Smoking is not permitted in the area.
Please take care of your valuables by yourself. The organizer will not be responsible for any theft or loss of valuables. Please be careful when you lose your valuables, as it will be difficult to find them.
Please note that this attraction may be cancelled due to force majeure, weather or safety reasons. If the attraction is cancelled or suspended, we will announce it on the official Nijigen-no-mori website and Twitter.

Admission time
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No ticketed time ⇒ Entrance time 10:00 - until the last entry time *You can come at any time you like until the last entry time.

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