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Notes and precautions

*Attraction business hours are subject to change without notice.
*Be sure to check "Attraction Details" before purchasing a ticket.
* Adults are junior high school students and above, children are elementary school students and younger. 12-year-old elementary school students are charged as children.
*Children must be at least 120 cm tall and weigh at least 25 kg.
*Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian. Please purchase a ticket for your companion as well.
*Some attractions may not be available due to maintenance, etc., but please understand that refunds cannot be made.

[Attractions that can be played]
《Crayon Shinchan Adventure Park》
① Adult (12 years old and over)
・Amazing! Sengoku Great Adventure! (Mononoke Ninja Course, Ashigaru Course, Samurai General Course)

② Children (under 11 years old / height 120 cm or more and weight 25 kg or more)
・Amazing! Sengoku Great Adventure! (Mononoke Ninja Course, Ashigaru Course, Samurai General Course)

④Adult ticket (ages 12 and over)  
・You can enter all areas as an attendant.
*Athletics and ziplines cannot be played

《Common Precautions》
Those with the following diseases or symptoms are not allowed to participate for safety reasons.
・Persons with neck, back, spine, or lower back/heart disease, blood pressure abnormalities/other physical conditions
・Those who are drinking or pregnant at the time of participation
・Those who have symptoms of fear of heights or dizziness

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for this attraction.
For safety reasons, you will not be permitted to participate if you are wearing any of the following clothing, shoes, or accessories.
・Clothing: Dangerous clothing such as skirts, mufflers, and coats
・Shoes: Shoes with loose heels such as high heels or resin sandals
・Accessories: sharp and long objects
・We cannot accept cancellations or refunds for personal reasons, so please be aware of this before purchasing.
・For safety reasons, please follow the staff's instructions and follow the rules. Please note that if you do not follow the staff's instructions or rules and get injured, we will not be held responsible.
・Pets are allowed to enter as long as their faces cannot be seen, such as by putting them in a cage or pet bag.
・This attraction may be canceled or changed without notice. If the attraction is canceled or suspended, we will notify you via the Nijigen no Mori official website, official SNS, or email. Please note that we do not provide guidance over the phone.

≪Regarding admission time≫
Ticket stated time 9:00-⇒Admission reception time 9:00-9:59
Ticket stated time 10:00-⇒Admission reception time 10:00-10:59
Ticket stated time 11:00-⇒Admission reception time 11:00-11:59
Ticket stated time 12:00-⇒Admission reception time 12:00-12:59
Ticket stated time 13:00-⇒Admission reception time 13:00-13:59
Ticket stated time 14:00-⇒Admission reception time 14:00-14:59
Ticket stated time 15:00-⇒Admission reception time 15:00-15:59
Ticket stated time 16:00-⇒Admission reception time 16:00-16:59
Ticket stated time 17:00-⇒Admission reception time 17:00-17:59 
Ticket stated time 18:00~⇒Admission reception time 18:00~18:59 
Ticket stated time 19:00-⇒Admission reception time 19:00-19:30

There is no time listed on the ticket⇒Admission time is from 10:00 until the final reception time *You can come at your favorite time as long as it is before the final reception time.
*There is no time limit for staying in the attraction area after admission. Please be sure to go through the reception during the reception hours.

Date of Visit:

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However, it is not possible to select a date when there is no ticket stock or a date outside the target period.