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Notes and precautions

*The Riddle Solving Kit is only available in Japanese. There is no English-language version of the riddle kit.
*Please note that you cannot re-enter this attraction area unless there is a specific reason.
* Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian. We will check your age, so please bring your student ID card.
* If you are playing with the person who purchased this ticket, please purchase a special mission ticket. The contents of the special mission will change depending on the time of the year.
*"Ramen Ichiraku" may be closed in case of rain.

[Attractions that can be played]
NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato
①Ten no Maki (Three-dimensional maze)
Duration: 40 minutes
② Chi-no-Maki (Mission rally)
Duration: 30 minutes
③NARUTO Shippuden x Real Mystery Solving Game Shinobizato Special Mission *You can play what is being held at the time you come
Required time: about 60 minutes

Ten no Maki important point
・Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 2 are not allowed even if accompanied.
・It is not possible to carry a child on your back.
・If you are an attendant, please keep an eye on your child.
・Please do not run in the three-dimensional maze.
・Those who are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol are not permitted.
・Please refrain from eating, drinking and smoking inside the three-dimensional maze.
・Pets are not allowed inside the three-dimensional maze.
・In addition, those who are judged inappropriate by the staff are not allowed to use. 

Ten no Maki important point
・There are parts of this attraction that emit strong lights.

NARUTO Shippuden x Real Mystery Solving Game Shinobizato Special Mission important point
・The Riddle Solving Kit is only available in Japanese. There is no English-language version of the riddle kit.
・Be sure to receive the puzzle-solving kit.
・Please refrain from posting puzzle kits, mystery hint signs, and puzzle solutions on social media.
・The mission completion certificate will be handed out once all the mysteries have been solved.

《Common Precautions》
・Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
・Persons with the following diseases or symptoms are not allowed to participate for safety reasons.
・Those who have neck, back, spine, leg, heart disease, blood pressure abnormalities, or other physical problems
・ Those who are drinking or pregnant at the time of participation
・ Those who have symptoms of fear of heights and dizziness

・Cancellations and refunds cannot be made for personal reasons, so please be aware of this before purchasing.
・For safety reasons, please follow the staff's instructions and follow the rules. Please note that if you do not follow the staff's instructions or rules and get injured, we will not be held responsible.
・ Pets can enter the area as long as their faces cannot be seen, such as by putting them in a cage or pet bag. (*You cannot enter inside the three-dimensional maze.)
・Smoking is prohibited in the area.
・Please manage your valuables by yourself. The organizer is not responsible for any theft or loss. If you lose it, it will be difficult to find it, so please be careful.
・This attraction may be canceled due to weather or safety reasons due to force majeure. If the attraction is canceled or suspended, we will inform you on the Nijigen No Mori official website and Twitter.

Admission time
Ticketed time: 9:00 -⇒Admission time 9:00~9:59
Ticketed time 10:00 -⇒Admission time 10:00~10:59
Ticketed time 11:00~⇒Admission time 11:00~11:59
Ticketed time 12:00~⇒Admission time 12:00~12:59
Ticketed time 13:00~⇒Admission time 13:00~13:59
Ticketed time 14:00~⇒Admission time 14:00~14:59
Ticketed time 15:00~⇒Admission time 15:00~15:59
Ticketed time 16:00~⇒Admission time 16:00~16:59
Ticketed time 17:00~⇒Admission time 17:00~17:59
Ticketed time 18:00~⇒Admission time 18:00~18:59
Ticketed time 19:00~⇒Admission time 19:00~19:59

No ticketed time ⇒ Entrance time 10:00 - until the last entry time *You can come at any time you like until the last entry time.
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Date of Visit:

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