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Notes and precautions

*Please be sure to check "Attraction Details" before purchasing tickets.
*Please note that you may not be able to clear the attraction within the opening hours depending on the time of admission and your playing speed.
Please note that depending on the time of admission and your playing speed, you may not be able to complete the attraction within the opening hours.
Adults must be at least 12 years old, and children must be at least 5 years old to 11 years old (elementary school students and younger).
Children under 11 years old (elementary school students and younger) must be accompanied by an adult. Please purchase a ticket for the accompanying adult as well.
*Children 4 years old and younger are admitted free of charge. (They will not be counted in the number of people experiencing the attraction.)
*Please note that some attractions may be unavailable due to maintenance, etc., but refunds will not be made.
*Please note that the same group of people (party members) who have purchased admission tickets only and those who have completed the "Challenge Kandata's Mischief Mission! (sub-quest) that comes with the Premium Ticket cannot be used by the same group (party).
The "Challenge Kandata's mischievous mission! Set tickets and Premium tickets can be used in the same group (party).
The experience time of Premium Ticket is 3 hours under normal conditions.
 During busy times, the Premium Ticket experience will last 4-5 hours, so please allow plenty of time for your visit.

Please allow enough time for the Premium Ticket experience.
Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for this attraction.
Please be aware that cancellations and refunds are not possible.
The number of visitors per hour is fixed. Only the selected number of tickets can be purchased.
For safety reasons, please follow the instructions of the staff and be sure to observe the rules. Please understand that we will not be responsible for any injuries caused by failure to follow the instructions or rules of the staff.
Please note that this attraction is subject to cancellation or change without notice. If the attraction is cancelled or suspended, we will notify you via the official Nijigen-no Mori website, official SNS, or email. Please note that no information will be provided by phone.

【Printed Admission Times & Reception】
Please take your purchased tickets to a reception desk within one hour of the time printed on your ticket in order to receive admission.
Ticketed time 8:30~⇒Admission time 8:30~8:59
Ticketed time 9:00~⇒Admission time 9:00~9:59
Ticketed time 10:00~⇒Admission time 10:00~10:59
Ticketed time 11:00~⇒Admission time 11:00~11:59
Ticketed time 12:00~⇒Admission time 12:00~12:59
Ticketed time 13:00~⇒Admission time 13:00~13:59
Ticketed time 14:00~⇒Admission time 14:00~14:59
Ticketed time 15:00~⇒Admission time 15:00~15:59
Ticketed time 16:00~⇒Admission time 16:00~16:59
Ticketed time 17:00~⇒Admission time 17:00~17:59
Ticketed time 18:00~⇒Admission time 18:00~18:59

Date of Visit:

Choose the date
Please click “Choose the date” and specify the desired visitor's date.
However, it is not possible to select a date when there is no ticket stock or a date outside the target period.